Maintaining Bazel Scoop package on Windows

NOTE: The Scoop package is experimental; please provide feedback (@excitoon in issue tracker).


You need:

Release process

Scoop packages are very easy to maintain. Once you’ve got an URL of released Bazel, you will need to make appropriate changes in this file:

  • update version;
  • update dependencies if needed;
  • update URL;
  • update hash (sha256 by default).

In your filesystem bazel.json is located in the directory %UserProfile%/scoop/buckets/main/bucket by default. This directory belongs to your clone of a Git repository scoopinstaller/scoop-main.

Test the result:

scoop uninstall bazel
scoop install bazel
bazel version
bazel something_else

(first time) Make a fork of scoopinstaller/scoop-main and specify it as your own remote for %UserProfile%/scoop/buckets/main:

git remote add mine FORK_URL

Push your changes to your fork and create a pull request.